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  • SomeGirl’s Website – SomeGirl is a fabulous resource for photography tips and lessons.
  • Inspired to Action- Kat offers a huge number of awesome resources for moms, from ebooks to blog series, and is the creator of  the HelloMornings Challenge.
  • Must Love God- A community created out of a vision to connect Christian women, a place where to plug in virtually and charge our batteries. Must Love God has a diverse writing team, with posts focused on wellness in four areas of life: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness.


  • Sleepless in America: Is Your Child Misbehaving…or Missing Sleep? - Years ago, I picked this up from the library sort of by accident.  It revolutionized my parenting.  I thought my oldest was just never tired.  Turned out he was over-tired…and once I learned that, everything changed. I still go back and re-read it from time to time. Great information for all of us in this sleep-deprived culture.  I highly recommend it.  Also on KINDLE.
  • Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) - This is another one that revolutionized my parenting.  I first learned about this program when I was teaching, then later took some workshops as a parent.  It is the BEST way I’ve found to help teach your kids to be responsible and learn that life has consequences.   There is a Love & Logic for everything from early childhood to teens, teachers to grandparents, behavior, bad grades, entitlement, and more. There are books, CD’s, and there are even free workshops hosted by schools and PTA’s.  I highly recommend anything Love & Logic, and especially Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite gifts for all new moms out there.



All resources listed here are things I would, and do, recommend to my own friends and family.  This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.  See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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