LOVE in action

Have You Seen Leon?

November 1, 2012 LOVE in action

Happy Thought Provoking Thursday everyone! I have a special story to share with you today, and I ask that you please add Leon and his family to your prayers this November.  Please be in prayer that God would be glorified, that God would be seen, heard, and felt in a powerful way by everyone who [...]

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Hope & Healing for the Woman who has Lost a Child

September 20, 2012 LOVE in action

Today I’m pleased to introduce a special guest and good friend, Kristin Lemus of  The Beautiful Deep.  Kristen has written a truly beautiful book, Empty Arms, Hope-Filled Heart: A prayer of hope and healing for the mother who has lost her child.   I remember the perfectness of his sweet little round head and his red [...]

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One Important Question

May 24, 2012 LOVE in action

Welcome to the new home of Thought Provoking Thursday!     See this face? That smile? Photo credit: SomeGirl   It brought to mind one thought provoking question the moment I saw it:   What can I do to bring this kind of joy to someone I love? It doesn’t have to be a trip [...]

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See How Easily You Can Change the World

May 16, 2012 LOVE in action

Welcome to the new home of Thought Provoking Thursday!   I fall asleep to the sound of a fan softly humming in the safety of my temperature/humidity controlled house. I wake to a softly chiming alarm from my phone, and slip from the soft, clean sheets of my cozy bed. Flip a switch and the [...]

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4 Words to Remember About Easter

April 8, 2012 Be Still

Easter. A season of spring, hope, and renewal. Easter. By His sacrifice on the cross we are: Redeemed. Restored. Forgiven. LOVED. He is Risen! What a blessed gift we’ve been given. Happy Easter! Photo credit:  André Rakvåg

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