Choose Wisely

How To Have a Summer of No Regrets

August 2, 2012 Choose Wisely

It’s already August. Labor Day is right around the corner. What will you regret not doing when summer is at an end? What are you waiting for? Go do it!   Something to think about…    

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One Crazy Easy Way to Deal With Having Too Many Choices

May 3, 2012 Choose Wisely

Welcome to the new home of Thought Provoking Thursday!   Last week, for Thought Provoking Thursday, I wrote a fairly simple post, titled  ‘A Dirty Little Secret About Choices.’    Barely over 100 words, it visually illustrated the point that while having choices, options, and variety are good, if you have too many, it can paralyze [...]

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Just For Today… { & free printable}

January 24, 2012 Choose Wisely

Just for today:   {You can do ANYTHING for just one day.}   Make a healthy game plan and stick to it.   Just for today: Eat clean. Move more. Just for today:  Procrastinate less. DO more. Just for today:  Worry less. Enjoy more. Just. For. Today.   When the day is through, look back [...]

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What’s Your Superpower?

November 2, 2011 Choose Wisely

I used to think that superpowers were only for comic books and movie heroes. You know, like having ‘spidey-sense’, or being able ‘to leap tall buildings in a single bound’? I’ve come to realize that superpowers aren’t just for fictional characters. Real life people have them too. Wanna know the secret to finding your superpower? [...]

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Simplify Life… with Routines

September 14, 2011 Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely – A new series on how the littlest choices can have a huge impact on our willpower, productivity, and decision-making energy.   Back in what seems like another life, I was an elementary school teacher.  Each year, we started off the first few weeks focusing mainly on establishing good routines and procedures.  Taking [...]

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